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Our Story





Cat Zen is owned and operated by a self- proclaimed crazy cat lady (and family) who has been raising and caring for cats for over 30 years. Cats are a huge part of our lives and the driving force behind this unique little cafe in St Charles.


In 2022, the owner, a lifelong animal advocate and social worker at heart and by profession, started contemplating what could be done to help make a difference in the animal services community.  After researching and visiting several cat cafe's across the country, the fire was lit, and the idea to start a cat cafe was born. The adoption numbers for many cat cafe's are outstanding. Cat cafe's not only give cats the exposure needed to be "seen" but this exposure is what increases their chances for adoption. Focusing on the forgotten kitties of our community, Cat Zen Cafe and Lounge hopes to tackle feline homelessness by finding forever home's for all cats placed in our cat at a time.  


With support from family and the local community, Cat Zen Cafe and Lounge plans to open in the fall of 2022!


We hope to see you there!




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