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What kind of food do you serve?

We sell hot coffee/tea and a variety of cold drinks, light snacks and baked goods from local bakeries. 

Can I bring my own cat?

No. Please no. Trust us, we have plenty of them here for you to pet and cuddle! 

Do I need an appointment?

Nope, not necessarily! Reservations to visit the cafe are  highly recommended, not required. Because we only allow a small number of people into our cat lounge at a time, we cannot accept walk-ins when we are at capacity. We recommend booking at least one day before you would like to visit to ensure your spot when you arrive!

Where do you get your cats?

We get all of our cats from our rescue partners -Seven More Cats Rescue and the Animal Protective Association/APA Adoption Center.

Is there an age requirement?

All ages can book a spot during one of our 30 minute time slots. 1-hour reservations are designated for ages 10 and above (no exceptions). A parent or guardian will need to sign a waiver for all minors visiting the cat lounge.

In order to ensure the safety of our cats as well as your little ones, ALL Children Must Be Supervised At ALL Times. Cats can be temperamental, especially when being held or touched in a way that does not please them, and they may show this through hissing/ scratching/ biting. It is important that any child who visits understands this and uses caution when handling any cat.

One adult per every two kids under the age of 10 is required to enter the lounge.

I found a homeless cat, can I bring it to you?

Unfortunately we cannot take any animal that is found since the cats that reside in our cafe are already vaccinated, spay/neutered, and receive a health screening from our rescue partners. We can refer you to shelters that are willing to take in homeless cats.

I want to adopt, what is the adoption process?

Yay!! We're so glad you found your new furbaby! All of the cats at the cafe are adoptable through our partner shelters. Just let us know the kitty you want to make your furever pal, and we can handle all of the paperwork right here in the cafe! The adoption process usually takes 48-72 hours (business hours).

Can I come and shop without experiencing the cat room?

Yes! Absolutely! We invite you to browse our merchandise or grab a drink and a snack! Our cats reside in a large room that can be looked upon while shopping in our lobby, but they are completely separated. So feel free to stop by without booking an experience with our cats!

Why do I have to pay to hang out with the cats?

It costs to care for cats the way we do. It's really that simple. In order to pay our staff, cover rent, utilities and everything else needed to care for the cats and run our business we have to charge an admission fee. We hope you understand and support our cause of helping cats find forever homes. 


Where do the cats go at night?

The cats sleep in the lounge! We provide a plethora of beds and cozy perches/trees for the cats to cozy up in.  Cat Zen acts similarly to a large foster home for our kitties, so they are never caged or crated unless absolutely necessary.

Do you accept donations?

We are extremely appreciative of any donations given to help support our kitties. Cat litter (any clumping variety), baking soda, and cat food are our biggest expenses for the cats and donations of these items are greatly appreciated. We prefer Purina One dry kibble, and any wet food variations. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any opened items.

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